Biovendor ELISA Kit

BioVendor group is an internationally operating group of companies with its own research & development and manufacturing capability. In 2012, BioVendor – Laboratorní medicína joined forces with Test Line Clinical Diagnostics followed by BioVendor Instruments, Immunolab, ViennaLab Diagnostics and Genetrac by the end of 2016. We have established a synergistic and quality-based portfolio which allows us to serve professionals from the fields of biomedical research, clinical diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics and food analysis. The BioVendor group has over 380 employees among its 14 companies operating in 6 countries, 5 R&D facilities, 4 industry sites, and 4 sales companies or branches. We collaborate with more than 60 distributors creating a complete end-to-end workflow with enhanced customer service and technical support.

BioVendor develops immunoassays for the detection of newly identified protein markers in samples of human or animal origin. This effort has resulted in the release of many products that are unique to the market. The development of new kits is targeted to research groups within the international scientific community as well as to clinical laboratory applications.

BioVendor's use of modern immunoassay formats has enabled high assay sensitivity, with an emphasis on superior analytical characteristics and user-friendly kit performance.

BioVendor is continually developing products and services that are aimed at meeting the needs of our diverse customer base. We offer user-friendly immunoassays for customers requiring fully equipped kits, as well as ELISA development kits – PENTASET for those who prefer the advantage of kits enabling both customer modification of the immunoassay and cost effective measurement of a large specimen cohort.

Last but not least, we can help researchers with limited access to laboratory analysis and BioVendor offers measurement of client’s samples with our analytical service BATS.