Custom Oligos

Together with our higly valuable partners we are proud to provide high quality and tailored oligonucleotides and qPCR probes. Giving you the opportunity to save money and raise the quality of your daily PCR experiments.

Here below, find a list of some of the synthesis products we can provide.

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DNA Oligonucleotides (minimum purification RP-CARTRIDGE):

Unmodified Oligos - Internal and External modifications - Linker and Spacers - Haptens - Phosphorylation - Dyes - Redox Modification - Wobbles - Conjugate


RNA Oligonucleotide:

Standard Unmodified or Modified RNA - 2' modified RNA - Internal modification


Special Nucleic Acids:

L-DNA - L-DNA - PNA Oligomers - RNase Substrates