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The Cytogen GmbH was "founded" by fusion of two parallel operating companies for the government and private sector biomedical supply area with the aim of over 20 years ago, competent and a broader basis for as yet been able to operate in the market with combined strengths to the laboratory adequate core competence to provide the but also the professional background includes far enough.

Over time, this results in a far-ranging research and development unit for diagnostics and medical devices for the segments human genetics, medical analysis, fertility and forensics, biotechnology and laboratory developed mainly due to wishes and ideas of many expert users with a focus on quality and innovation, and social balance, both internally and externally.

Without the core competence in any way to change it rapidly expanded its portfolio in addition to the customer to offer an even more comprehensive service for routine practice in the direction of help for quality management and accreditation of appropriate laboratory and in this way the laboratory and production capacity to increase or to support both professionally and regulative.

Due to the increased and modified demand because of the extended and completed demand for biomedical products, the Company has adjusted to the expectations of the customers and to the market trends and new and innovative technologies open to step to satisfy himself step to the expectations and deliver the users techniques that are contemporary expected.

This philosophy and attitude we want to remain faithful and just continue in this direction in order to offer our customers a sustainable supply and service and our suppliers and distributors world wide to ensure a competent partnership so that their patients can benefit.

Similarly, we are aware of the duty and responsibility to our employees and our environment, and the environment. The Cytogen GmbH based in all aspects of the principle of fairness and quality and provides all other requirements under these premises to do their duty with good benefits.