Aurogene official sponsor of 60th Annual Meeting of the Italian Cancer Society

Milan, 19-22 September 2018

Care and cure of cancer patients:

bridging basic research into clinical setting

We had the pleasure of actively participating in the sixtieth Annual Meeting of the Italian Cancer Society.
We serve science, supporting the most interesting and innovative meetings on the Italian scene.

Italian and foreign scientists present at the 60th congress of the SIC the most recent results in the field of oncology, from basic research on preclinical models to translational and clinical research in solid tumors and the haematolymphopoietic system.

The Association brings together the connoisseurs of cancerology in order to promote the progress of this both in the experimental field and in the clinical-social one; to facilitate scientific collaborations and synergies between biomedical researchers in cancerology; to establish relations with similar national and foreign associations; to sponsor the necessity of teaching cancerology in the scientific faculties; to promote the training and professional growth of young researchers working in the discipline; to take every action to promote and increase cancerology and to protect the professional interests of its practitioners.

Furthermore, the Association proposes to organize initiatives aimed at the continuous training of doctors and health personnel (as envisaged by the current NHS regulations), to carry out dissemination and awareness activities towards the public opinion and the means of communication and health authorities regarding discoveries and issues of social interest and assistance in the field of oncology.