Aurogene official sponsor of IIM Meeting 2018

Assisi, 11-14 October 2018

The IIM meeting is an open platform to communicate your latest research results and development activities in the field of MYOLOGY.

Scientific topics include:

- Circadian rhythm
- Genetics and Epigenetics
- Muscle stem cells and Regenerative medicine
- Biophysics and E-C coupling
- Signalling and Metabolism
- Muscle wasting and Cachexia
- Therapeutic approaches
Confirmed Speakers include:

Nenac Bursac (Duke University-USA)
Paolo Sassone-Corsi (University of California Irvine-USA)
Carmine Settembre (TIGEM-Italy)
Shahragim Tajbakhsh (Institut Pasteur-France)

There will be ample opportunity to present your work as the vast majority of the talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. Two poster sessions are also scheduled.

On the social side, beside the possibility to visit downtown Assisi (to see Giotto's frescoes), we will have a guided tour to Spello (one of the most beautiful villages in Italy) including a visit to Cappella Baglioni (famous for Pinturicchio’s paintings), the “Infiorate” museum and a nearby Roman villa which has been recently restored and displays beautiful mosaics. Off course there will be wine and food from local producers with a gourmet dinner followed by a dance party.