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New Exclusive Distribution Agreement - Bioer Technology

Aurogene and Bioer are pleased to announce the recent agreement for the exclusive distribution in Italy of innovative PCR and Real Time PCR systems.

Bioer began the development of the application product of Peltier from 1995. Bioer launched the first PCR instrument based Peltier technology in China. Its performance is above mainstream product level, with medical device registration certificate and the national patent. Bioer also help to write the first Chinese gene amplification instrument enterprise standard. 2011 launch of the Touch series of intelligent touch-screen PCR instrument based on adhering to the excellence of Bioer temperature control performance, to achieve the PCR device touch screen operation; 2012 through persistent trial, Bioer launched GeneMax, with six independent temperature control module, excellent temperature control performanc, iPAD style 10 Inch Touch Screen brings the better software experience. Bioer leads the trend of PCR products through continuous innovation, making its product competitive and differentiation.

In the last years GeneTouch gene amplification instrument; the automatic production line was established, and the whole touch screen Touch series gene amplification instrument was set aside. In 2014, the LineGene9600 Plus fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system was introduced to realize the Windows flat panel wireless control. In 2017, the LineGene Mini fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system came on the market.