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New Exclusive Distribution Agreement - DNA Link NGS Services

We are pleased to inform you about the new exclusive agreement with DNA Link-NGS Services for the Italian market.

DNA Link, Inc., established in March, 2000, is a genomic service providing company based in Korea, focusing on research and development in the field of bio-industry and genomic analysis industry. DNA Link, Inc. has constructed a converged analysis system through more than 10 years of experiment and know-how and striving to provide total genomic solution to customers

With the goal of becoming a “Frontier Company in Personalized Medicine”, DNA Link, Inc. produces high-quality data by analysis of genomic information on all species through up-to-date technologies, constructs DB on genomic information to investigate genomic traits in groups through data analysis and interpretation, discovers genomic biomarkers through converged genomic analysis, and strives to lead personalized medicine and new drug development by converging bio technology and information & communications technology to supports total analysis of genomic and clinical information. DNA Link, Inc.’s ultimate goal is to improve the health and quality of life of all mankind globally.

DNA Link, Inc. will continue to research, develop and challenge in order to make disease prevention and early diagnosis possible, and provide the foundation for personalized medicine which enables the application of customized method of prevention depending on genetic differences person by person. DNA Link, Inc. will contribute to increase the rate of full recovery and expansion of lifespan for the people.