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ISO 9001 Certification

we are pleased to announce that Aurogene has achieved ISO 9001 certification


The ISO 9001 standard defines the minimum requirements that an organization's Quality Management System must demonstrate to satisfy in order to guarantee the quality level of the product and service that it claims to possess with itself and with the market. Today it is the best-known international standard, applicable to any organization, public or private, regardless of size, type and economic sector.

It represents the opportunity for the organization to build a Management System that takes into consideration all the business processes to guarantee the optimization of the use of its resources, to reduce production costs, to achieve the expected objectives and to maintain a constant quality level of its product / service in order to increase customer satisfaction.It promotes the adoption of a process approach in the development, implementation and improvement of the effectiveness of a quality management system, in order to increase satisfaction of the customer by complying with the customer's requirements.