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Aurogene and Scipio Bioscience... a new exclusive distribution!

New Distribution Agreement

We apprise our customers that Aurogene has become the sole distributor in Italy of the products of the Scipio company.

Scipio Bioscience, a Paris-based biotechnology company, provides novel sample preparation solutions for single-cell studies in the form of easy-to-use benchtop kits and point-and-click software.

Scipio Bioscience exploits a proprietary technology for barcoding for preparation of samples for single-cell profiling. Based on a novel combination of established biochemical and biophysical approaches, the Scipio technology achieves single-cell barcoding in a test tube format.

The technology was developed by Professor Stuart Edelstein and operations of Scipio Bioscience are led by Pierre Walrafen, Ph.D. The initial target of Scipio Bioscience is to provide sample preparation for single-cell transcriptomics freed of the substantial investment and running costs of existing technologies, while attaining the flexibility and scalability required in state-of-the-art research. The burgeoning applications in single-cell transcriptomics have revealed the importance of characterizing the diversity of cell profiles in normal tissues and cancerous tumors. For optimal results, numbers of cells in the range of thousands must be analyzed simultaneously by RNA-sequencing procedures. The costs and constraints of available methods for sample preparation have hampered widespread adoption of this approach. Scipio Bioscience overcomes these obstacles by providing a test-tube solution readily accessible to laboratories in all fields of biological research. Scipio is housed in the iPEPS-ICM incubator of the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM), located in the celebrated Parisian Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. The ICM offers bioinformatics and biostatistics platforms with access to the latest technologies for sequencing and analysis. Scipio has constituted a dynamic team of scientists to focus on its core developments, and setting up collaborations with ICM labs and other leading European research institutions.


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