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ilShin Biobase Europe

ilShin Biobase Europe is the Sales & Service headquarters for ilShin Biobase in Europe, from our facility in The Netherlands (85 km from Schiphol International Airport) we serve our well trained local distributors in all European countries.

ilShin Biobase -86ºC freezers are produced in South-Korea since 1988 and is probably the most advanced freezer manufacturer for laboratory freezers worldwide!

Completely automated production from start to end and extensive quality control on all products before they leave the factory ensures high quality storage for your samples by -86ºC and -45ºC.

In our warehouse in The Netherlands we re-test all freezers to make sure nothing broke down during transportation from the factory to Europe.

Due to our long history with -86ºC freezers in general and ilShin -86ºC particularly we are able to
fulfill almost every request from costumers all over Europe.