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Liquid Handling

Pipettes are some of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in any bioscience laboratory. Pipettes are used to disperse evenly measured amounts of liquid with great precision. Aurogene has a diverse range of manual and digital pipettes, pipettors, and tips designed with exceptional ergonomics, accuracy, and precision in mind.

Pipette accuracy is typically measured by how close in volume each liquid transfer is to another from the same pipette. Ergonomics help prevent user fatigue during prolonged use. Digital pipettes offer easily programmable settings for volume and provide features not seen in manual pipettes such as repeat pipetting and sample mixing. Manual pipettes are typically more economical and are usually autoclavable.

Aurogene’s catalog of pipettes is guaranteed to meet all of your precise liquid handling requirements and stand up to the wear and tear of constant use while maintaining excellent accuracy and reproducibility.