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Molecular Biology Promo

It's a good time for Molecular Biology

Lab Equipments promo

Please find here a shortlist of instruments... have a look at the prices!!

Product Portfolio 2021

The complete list of our partners to better serve science

Epigenetic Promo

Epigenetics is the study of changes to an organism's genome that affect the regulation of genes rather than changes to the actual genetic code

Cellular Biology Promo

A selected list of media, sera and ancillaries for your Cells.

Promo Antibodies

Scopri la nuova promo Antibodies

Operazione Fuoritutto!!

Eccezionali sconti su prodotti consumabili dei migliori Brand!

Transport promo

Amazing promo for yours transport! It's the easiest and fastest way to send.

Promo Microscopia

Tutte le nostre proposte per la Microscopia

Optiprime Kit Elisa

Kit ELisa Customer-Friendly