Transfection Reagents and Kits

We have selected a range of reagents to provide you the best quality/price ratio for your cell transfection. Here we list a number of different reagents including:

DNA transfection reagents

siRNA transfection reagents

mRNA / Viral RNA transfection reagents

CRISPR Cas9 transfection reagents

Together with our partner OZ Biosciences we offer two complementary technologies: Magnetofection & Lipofection

- Magnetofection associates nucleic acids or other vectors with biodegradable magnetic nanoparticles coated with cationicmolecules. This method is perfect for primary and hard-to-transfect cells.

- Lipofection, a lipid-based transfection technology which belongs to biochemical methods. The main advantages of lipofection are its high efficiency, its ability to transfect all types of nucleic acids in a wide range of cell types,its reproducibility and low toxicity.