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Zymo Research and Aurogene

A brand new partnership to better serve science


New Distribution Agreement - InvivoGen

Serving The Bioresearch Community - InvivoGen was founded in 1997 by scientists with technical expertise and creative excellence stemming from a longstanding history in microbiology. 


Azure Biosystems cSeries Imaging Systems

Bioline - SensiFAST™ Real Time Kits

SensiFAST™ is a complete range of highly-optimized ready-to-use kits, developed to deliver outstanding results in the real-time quantification of a specific target from either cDNA or genomic DNA. 


Norgen - Total RNA Purification Kit

Norgen Total RNA Purification Kit  kit is suitable for the isolation of total RNA from a range of samples including cells, bacteria, yeast, virus and bodily fluids including plasma/serum, blood, saliva, CSF and more. 


Bethyl Laboratories

Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. has been dedicated to supporting scientific discovery through its qualified antibody products and custom antibody services since its founding in 1972.


Azure Biosystems - cSeries Imaging Systems

The Azure Biosystems cSeries offers 6 unique gel imaging systems. Select which one fits your applications now, and learn more about upgrading later when your needs change.