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Aurogene S.r.l. operates in the Life Science sector, specifically dealing with the distribution of reagents and instruments for scientific laboratory research on the Italian territory.

We believe in teamwork, this is why our goal as a qualied, serious and reliable partner is to support and assist our customers, accompanying them through the process of choosing the product. Aurogene can oer this service thanks to our team’s continuous process of updating and acquiring research skills and information on the research and diagnostic market.






  • We would like to thank Dr. Cristian Beccaria (Matteo Iannacone Lab, San Raffaele Hospital, Milan) for his outstanding presentation during the SIICA 2023 Congress in Verona. Amazing data obtained with numerous techniques and a great showcase of what can be achieved with a 5 LASER Cytek Aurora.
  • Aurogene S.r.l. is pleased to announce its partecipation in the XIV National SIICA Congress 2023 - MAY 22-25. Aurogene awaits you! Come and visit us, you will find info, news, but also many gadgets! Verona, Polo Zanotto, University of Verona

  • Precision medicine in the era of integrated OMICS - MAY 18-19. Aurogene S.r.l. is pleased to announce its partecipation in this scientif congress. Come and visit us! Ex Stabilimento Florio delle Tonnare di Favignana e Formica

  • 41st Cytometri Conference. Cytometry Updates and Innovations in Clinical Research Applications: analysis, data management and their interpretation - MAY 17-19. Aurogene S.r.l. awaits you! Biotechnology Auditorium Federico II University of Naples

  • "Chance and necessity: the indispensable role of curiosity-driven life sciences" EMBL in Italy 2023 - MAY 18-19. Aurogene is pleased to announce its partecipation, come and visit our stand! MBC University of Torino, Via Nizza,52