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Aurogene S.r.l. was founded by Antonio Petrone in 2006. Dr Petrone worked at La Sapienza University of Rome for ten years, in the field of Genetics of Autoimmune Diseases. Moreover, he worked in the London Genome Centre at Queen Mary University of London. Aurogene is a distribution company of reagents, instrumentation and consumables for research and diagnostic laboratories. All the direct employees, starting from the technical sales department, have a scientific background and are able to interact with target customers professionally. After a period as a sole ownership, Aurogene S.r.l. was officially established in 2010 and operates throughout the country thanks to a sale network consisting of direct employees, agencies and sub-distributors.


Aurogene S.r.l. operates in the Life Science sector, specifically dealing with the distribution of reagents and instruments for scientific laboratory research on the Italian territory. We believe in teamwork, this is why our goal as a qualied, serious and reliable partner is to support and assist our customers, accompanying them through the process of choosing the product. Aurogene can oer this service thanks to our team’s continuous process of updating and acquiring research skills and information on the research and diagnostic market.